How Do I Copy a Job to a Template?
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ContractorTools does not provide a way to copy a whole job to a template, but it's easy to copy the estimate from the job to a template. Here's how:

  • Go to "Job Templates" in the main menu and add a template.

  • When it asks which template to copy from, copy from the "Blank Template". This will create a job template with no items in the estimate.

  • In the template menu, select "Estimate". There should be no items in the list.

  • Tap "+" to add items. 

  • Select "From A Job" in the "New Item" menu.

  • Select the job you want to copy from. This will open the list of the items in that job. 

  • Now tap on the check box at the left next to each item (or group) that you want copied into the template. 

  • Once you have selected all of the items you want copied, tap "Copy Items". This will copy all of the selected items in the job into the template.

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