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How Do I Turn An Estimate Into A Contract?
How Do I Turn An Estimate Into A Contract?
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ContractorTools is not able to provide text for your contract document for a number of reasons. One is that we could potentially be liable if things go wrong and end up in court. But the main reason is that the textual requirements of your contract depend on the specific laws in your state. 

You could hire a lawyer to help you with that, but a more economical solution is to use the Craftsman Contract Writer service here:

Either way, once you obtain your contract text, here's how to get the text into your estimate document in ContractorTools:

If you're using an iPad or iPhone, you first need to email the document to yourself (at an email address that you can access on your device where ContractorTools is installed). That way, you can copy the text from the email (tap twice on it and tap "Select All", then tap twice again and select "Copy").

This is much easier on a Mac because you can just open the file - Word, Pages, PDF, or text document, etc. - and select and copy the text.

Once you have copied the text...

  • Open your job (or job template) and select "Estimate", then click on "Info". 

  • Paste the contract text into the "Terms" field (tap twice, then tap "Paste"). 

  • While viewing the estimate, tap "Settings", then "Edit Template". Here you can change the name of the document from "Estimate" to "Contract".

    Or, you can add a new document template to be used to print the "Contract" version of the estimate document. This way you can switch back and forth between the estimate and contract versions of the documents by just selecting the different document templates - rather than having to edit the title each time.

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