When you enter labor cost items in ContractorTools, you have the opportunity to enter the labor cost either as a “Cost Per Unit”, or “Rate and Productivity”. 

You tap the “Cost Per Unit” tab to enter labor cost as a cost per unit:

… and you tap the “Rate and Productivity tab to enter the labor cost as a rate (cost per hour) and productivity (units per hour or hours per unit):

When you enter labor costs as “Cost Per Unit”, the program does not know how many hours will be involved because you have only told it how much it will cost per unit, not how many hours it will take. So these items will have zero hours in the List of Labor report.

It is only when you enter labor hours in terms of “Rate and Productivity” that the List of Labor report will show hours.

Here is an example of two labor items. One was entered with the labor cost as “Cost per Unit", the other was entered with the labor cost as “Rate and Productivity”. You can see that the one entered as Cost Per Unit has no hours, but the other one does:

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