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What is ContractorTools?
What is ContractorTools?
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ContractorTools is an iPhone, iPad, and Mac app for construction general contractors and subcontractors.

ContractorTools allows you to quickly and accurately create estimates based on Craftsman® Costbook construction costs, or your own custom database of construction costs. Estimates can be printed, or emailed to your customers.

ContractorTools will automatically calculate all of your taxes and markups. It can also automatically calculate discounts.

Once you have created an estimate, then you can automatically generate one or multiple invoices based on the data in the estimate. 

Once you have issued invoices, you can then enter and track payment receipts.

ContractorTools also allows you to create change orders and credits.

Then, all of your data can be automatically synced with QuickBooks® Online, including Customers, Jobs, Estimates, Invoices, and Payments.

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