When you initially signed up for ContractorTools, maybe  you signed up for the Basic plan, and now you want to upgrade to the Essentials or Pro plan. Or maybe you signed up for Essentials, and now you want the Pro plan. In either case you will need to upgrade your ContractorTools plan.

Three Steps To Upgrade ContractorTools

There are three steps to upgrade your ContractorTools plan.

  1. Sign out of ContractorTools

    First, sign out of ContractorTools on all devices. To sign out of ContractorTools, go to the home screen and tap "Sign Out".

  2. Cancel your Apple subscription.

    - Click on this link: https://apps.apple.com/account/subscriptions to manage your subscriptions.

    - Tap on ContractorTools. (If it's not there, then you are not subscribed to ContractorTools, so skip to step 3.)

    - Tap the "Cancel Subscription" button to cancel your subscription.

  3. Sign In on the ContractorTools website to manage your account

    Go to the ContractorTools website: www.contractortools.com and click the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of the screen. This sign in form will appear:

Enter the email and password that you used to sign up with ContractorTools, then tap Sign In. 

This will take you to your ContractorTools account management menu:

Here you can view your current account information, enter or update your billing (credit card) information, and select or update your subscription information.

Click "Subscriptions" to manage your subscription. This will take you to the My Plans screen:

The blue "Your Current Plan" box appears under the plan with you are currently subscribed to. If you want to change plans, click on one of the buttons under the other plans to upgrade to that plan. That will prompt you for your credit card information:

Note that you can save over 17% off the monthly rate by signing up for annual billing.

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