Overhead, Profit, and Contingency markup rates can be set in job templates, jobs, and job estimate items. 

The markup rates in a job template are copied to a job when you create a job from that template. The markup rates in a job apply to the whole job unless you override them in individual estimate items.

To adjust markup rates for a job template or a job, select the job template or job, then tap "Job Info", then tap "Overhead", "Profit", or "Contingency" to change the rates:

To override markup rates in an individual item in a job, select the item, tap "Overrides", then tap "Markup". This will display the current markup settings:

Tap "Override"; now you will be able to tap on each of the markups to enter an override amount. 

"Single Value" / "By Cost Type" Option

When you enter markup rates, notice the "Single Value" / "By Cost Type" option buttons. If you tap "Single Value", you can enter the markup rate as a single value. If you tap "By Cost Type" you can enter a separate markup for each cost type: Materials, Labor, Equipment, Subcontract, and Other:

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