ContractorTools allows you to operate multiple companies in separate databases. Unfortunately, the Apple app store does not have the ability to allow you to have multiple companies. So to add a company, your ContractorTools subscription must be billed directly through our website, not through the app store.

If you signed up for ContractorTools through the ContractorTools website, or if you have already changed your billing to the ContractorTools website, then please skip to step 2.

If you are currently subscribed to ContractorTools through the app store, to add a company, you must first change your billing from the app store to our website. Please follow instructions in step 1 below.

1. Change Your Billing

To change your ContractorTools billing to the ContractorTools website, please click this link and follow the instructions to enter your credit card information.

Once you have changed your billing to the ContractorTools website, please follow these steps to add a company:

2. Add a Company

First, sign out of ContractorTools. Sign out of ContractorTools on all devices. To sign out of ContractorTools, go to the home screen and tap "Sign Out".

Next, sign in on the ContractorTools website to manage your account. Go to the ContractorTools website at: and click the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of the screen. This sign in form will appear:

Sign in using the same email and password that you used to sign up with ContractorTools. 

This will take you to your ContractorTools account management menu:

Here you see your company name in a dropdown box (with the down arrow to the right). To add a company, click the down arrow, then click "Add Company":

This will display the Select a Plan screen: 

Choose which plan you want for the new company by clicking on one of the "Sign Up For..." buttons.

This will take you to a screen that prompts for the name and zip code of the new company. Enter these and click "Add Company".

That will prompt you for your credit card to be used for billing for this company:

When you are done entering your credit card information, you can sign into ContractorTools on your iPhone/iPad or Mac.

To access the new company, go to the main ContractorTools menu and tap "Companies" in the upper left corner. This will display a box that lists your companies. Tap on a company to select it.

While you have a company selected, everything you do in ContractorTools will only affect that company, and changes to that company will only be reflected on other devices that have the same company selected.

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