When change orders are first entered, they are set to “Pending” status. This assumes that you want to present the change order to your customer for them to sign. Once that has been done, you can set the change order to “Approved” status. 

Follow these steps to set a change order to "Approved" status:

  • Select the change order: tap on "Change Orders" in the Job menu, then tap on the Change Order, 

  • Tap on “Info” in the upper right corner, 

  • Tap Status, and select “Approved”.

Once a change order has been set to approved status, you can Invoice it. 

Follow these steps to invoice a change order:

  • Go to the job menu and tap on “Invoices", 

  • Tap + in the upper right corner to add an invoice. 

  • In the Progress (or Final) Invoice screen, you will see the change order(s) listed. Tap on the change order to select it to be included in the invoice.

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