User Accounts

ContractorTools has two kinds of user accounts:

  • The Admin user

  • All other users

The first person who signs up in a company is the Admin user. The Admin user can do two things that other users cannot do. The Admin user can:

  • Invite other people to become users in the company (to share access to the company data), and 

  • Sign in to the website to manage subscriptions and billing.

Every user's access to functions in ContractorTools is controlled by the Role assigned to the user, and the Permissions enabled for that Role.  

Roles and Permissions

ContractorTools allows you to create user Roles. A user Role defines the functions in ContractorTools that users have access to. 

ContractorTools comes with two pre-defined Roles: "Admin" and "Staff". Both of these are set with permissions to access all ContractorTools functions.

To add or modify user Roles, select "Company Settings" in the main menu, then select "Roles and Permissions". This will display the "Roles and Permissions" screen.

  • Select one of the Roles in the list to modify it, or

  • Tap + in the upper right corner to add a Role.

This brings you to the list of Permissions. Each Permission has a checkbox to the left of it to indicate whether the Permission is enabled for that Role.

Tap on a Permission to enable or disable it.

The first person in a company to sign up with ContractorTools (the Admin user) is automatically set to the Admin Role. When you add additional user accounts, you have the opportunity to assign a role to each account. You can create any number of roles, and each role can have access to any combination of functions in the ContractorTools app.

Since there can only be one Admin account, if you need to change which account is the Admin account, you will need to contact us (at [email protected]) and request that we do this for you.

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