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How to use job templates in ContractorTools
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When you create a job in ContractorTools, you must select a job template to copy from.

A job template is exactly like a job, except that you can't generate invoices, or enter payments, change orders, or credits in a job template. Job templates are only used to create new jobs.

You create jobs by copying from job templates. The idea is that you can set up a different job template for each type of job you do, so that when you add a new Job and copy from the template, most of the things in the job will already be set up. 

Here is what you can pre-define in a job template and that will get copied to a new job from the template:

  • Everything in the Job Info: Customer, Job Site, Markups, Tax Group, and Company Profile, 

  • The estimate,

  • The draw schedule

ContractorTools comes with 5 sample job templates. You can use these as-is, modify them, or create any number of your own job templates.

To manage your job templates:

  • Tap "Job Templates" in the Home screen

  • Tap + to add a job template.

  • Tap on one of the job templates in the list to open it.

The Job Info screen allows you to set defaults for the customer, job site, markups, discount, and tax group in the Job Template. All of this information will be copied to a new job when you create a new job from this template. 

  • Tap "< Job Template" to go back to the Job Template screen.

  • Tap "Estimate" to access and edit all of the estimate information in the job template.

Please see this video for more information about using Job Templates in ContractorTools:

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