How to set up and use employees in ContractorTools
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Employees will have multiple functions in future versions of ContractorTools, but for now the function of employees is to allow you to indicate which members of your company should appear as signatories on estimate or contract documents. To select document signatories, tap on the Signature icon in the lower right corner (iPad) or bottom (iPhone) of the screen when viewing the document:

When you tap the signature button, you can select which employees signatures will be included in the printed document:

To manage your employees, go to the main menu and tap "Employees"

The employees screen has the following functions:

  • < Back - Tap Back to go back to the main menu.

  • + - Tap + to add an employee.

  • Edit - Tap Edit to delete employees.

  • Sort - Tap sort to select the order of the employee list.

  • Filter - Tap filter to filter the list of employees.

  • Tap on an employee to select it and display information about the employee.

  • Tap Edit to edit the employee information: 

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