ContractorTools organizes information about projects for customers in "Jobs". Each Job has a Customer and a Job Site. Customers can have any number of jobs.

Tap "Jobs" in the Home screen to view the list of jobs:

The Jobs screen has the following functions:

  • < ContractorTools - Tap ContractorTools to go back to the home screen.

  • Map - Tap map to view the list of job (sites) plotted on a map.

  • + - Tap + to add a job.

  • Edit - Tap Edit to delete jobs.

  • Sort - Tap sort to select the order of the job list.

  • Filter - Tap filter to filter the list of job.

Tap on a job to select it access information about the job:

The job screen has the following functions:

  • < Jobs - Tap Jobs to go back to the job list screen.

  • Duplicate - Tap Duplicate to create a copy of the job.

  • Job Dashboard - Tap Job Dashboard to view customer, contact, and job site information for the job.

  • Job Info - Tap Job Info to access the job info screen:

  • Estimate - Tap Estimate to access the job estimate.

  • Change Orders - Tap Change Orders to add or edit change orders.

  • Credits - Tap Credits to add or edit change orders.

  • Draw Schedule - Tap Draw Schedule to access the draw schedule.

  • Invoices - Tap Invoices to add or change job invoices.

  • Payments - Tap Payments to job payments.

  • Job Reports - Tap Job Reports to view job reports.

  • Make Inactive - Tap Make Inactive to set this job inactive. If you want to completely delete it, set it inactive, then go back to the jobs list, tap Filter, tap Include Inactive, tap Done, then select the inactive job from the list, then tap Delete Completely.

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