ContractorTools allows you to set jobs inactive, or delete them completely.

When you set a job inactive, it no longer appears in the list of jobs, unless you tap Filter (in the lower right corner) and turn on "Include Inactive".

When you delete a job completely, the job data is removed from the database and cannot be retrieved.

To Set A Job Inactive

To set a job inactive: 

  • Swipe left on the job in the list of jobs and tap "Make Inactive", or

  • Select the job and tap the "Make Inactive" button.

To View Inactive Jobs

To view inactive jobs, tap Filter in the lower right corner of the list of jobs and turn on "Include Inactive".

To Delete A Job

To delete a job and completely remove it from the database, first you must set the job inactive (as described above), then view inactive jobs, and select it from the list. When you do, the program will tell you that the job is inactive and ask if you want to restore it to active status or delete it completely. Select "Restore" to restore it, or "Permanently Delete" to delete it permanently.

To Archive Jobs

Instead of deleting jobs, ContractorTools also gives you the ability to archive jobs. Archiving jobs removes them from the active database, and stores them in a separate database which you can still have access to if you need to view or copy from the job in the future. 

Please see the articles here: for more information about archiving. 

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