"Everything is complicated... "   - Anonymous

And so is syncing Payments with QuickBooks. Here's why...

Whether your customer pays you by cash, check, or credit card, eventually the payment will end up in your bank account.

If your QuickBooks is set up to download transactions from your bank account, that deposit will get downloaded into your QuickBooks. 

If you have set up ContractorTools to sync Payments with QuickBooks, payment transactions will be duplicated in QuickBooks because there will be one payment transaction from ContractorTools, and another downloaded from your bank. 

When ContractorTools syncs with QuickBooks again, it will retrieve the payment from QuickBooks, so now you will have two payments in both ContractorTools and QuickBooks. Not good.

What to do?

There are two options:

  1. If you want to be able to enter a payment in ContractorTools when you receive it from your customer so you can print or email a receipt, the best thing to do is turn off syncing payments with QuickBooks.  

    This way, when you enter the payment in ContractorTools, it will be reflected in the customer's job in ContractorTools, and when you deposit the payment in your bank, and that gets downloaded to QuickBooks, it will be reflected in QuickBooks, but the payment in ContractorTools will not be written to QuickBooks, and the payment in QuickBooks will not be pulled into ContractorTools.

    To turn off syncing payments with QuickBooks:

    Go to QuickBooks Sync in the main menu.
    - Select Sync Settings
    - Turn "Sync Payments" off.
  2. The other option is to turn syncing payments on, but NOT enter payments in ContractorTools. The payments will be downloaded into QuickBooks from the bank, and then pulled into ContractorTools when you sync ContractorTools to QuickBooks. At that point you can view and print or email a receipt for the payment  in ContractorTools.

    This is less desirable because you can't print/email a receipt in ContractorTools be for payments are downloaded from the bank to QuickBooks, and then synced to ContractorTools. So you would not be able to give the customer a receipt at the time you receive the payment; you would have to email it to them the next day or later.

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