If it seems that you are not seeing all of your QuickBooks customers in ContractorTools, please note that ContractorTools lists customers by last name (by default - you can tap “Sort" at the bottom of the list of customers to change the sort sequence), and QuickBooks sorts by whatever you have entered for each customer in the prompt for “Display Name As” in QuickBooks. 

For example, if a customer named "Phil Jones", with company name “ABC Company” has the Display Name As in QuickBooks set to “ABC Company”, then they will appear in QuickBooks as “ABC Company”, but in ContractorTools they will appear as “Jones, Phil”. 

You can select options to sort customers by First Name, Last Name, or Company in ContractorTools, but this is still no guarantee that they will sort the same as the customer list in QuickBooks, because the Display Name As in QuickBooks can be set differently for each customer.

To find customers that do not appear where you expect them to be in ContractorTools, tap the “Search by name, company, or address” prompt at the top of the list and search for them.

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